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The latest case file over at CSI:Color, Stories, Inspiration was all about cameras, and selfies. So I took a picture of me, and realised I looked a bit lacklustre, and thought I would just use it anyway, as in real life we’re not smiling 100% of the time! You can find my process video here, and here is a picture of the Case File 157.157

As per the rules, I used all 5 colours in the scheme. For my evidence (you need to use at least 2) I used metal, cameras, and eyeglasses. In this close up you can see the metal element in both the star and arrow clips. and also the cameras on the washi tape layer. Blerg

Here’s a close up of where I used the eyeglasses, which were from a Shimelle collection rub on pack.Let it go

For the Testimony, I used two prompts; Selfie, and the Inspo Words. My journalling reads ‘Click. A selfie is taken. I capture me in a moment of time. Right now, I am feeling uncertain, disappointed, burnt out. But tomorrow is a new day. It gets better’. Title and writing

And here is my final layout. I used elements from the Scraptastic Club Counting Stars Kit, and a lot from my own stash. 157 - Selfie