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I only signed up to CSI 2 weeks ago, and this is already my 4th submission to their challenges. I will say this is my favourite one so far, only because I would never think to have combined these colours and products from my stash. The colours to use this week were grey, white, orange, yellow & pink. 

DSC03408 copy

I didn’t know if I could find a picture that would go with the challenge, but I ended up uncovering a picture of me as a young child, in a pink, yellow, and orange bathing suit, so it worked out perfectly. The evidence I chose was using polka dots, stripes, washi tape, and triangles. 

DSC03409 copy

I mostly used Close To My Heart- My Crush Assortments in the older collections. I also used a few Project Life Cards (I don’t actually do PL, but find the cards very versatile so I have a few Core Kits) and some pieces from Glitz Design – Carpe Diem Collection. These challenges are great for making me mix my kits, stash, and collections. 

DSC03407 copy

For my journaling, I chose to tuck it in an envelope, and used the inspiration words which were sunshine, rain, and effect. I used the first two in my writing about how I needed to continue applying lessons learnt by my childhood self,  and used the third word in my title to marry the jornaling up by implying what effect these lessons have had on my adult life. My short paragraph reads: I have learnt a lot from my childhood self. Get outside more. Play in the waves. Laugh lots. Enjoy both the sunshine and the rain. Listen to my parents. Appreciate every day. Be present. Usually I would have written about this beach, and how I was a water loving child, but partaking in these challenges mean I get to go a bit deeper, and write more meaningful things. Come back each Wednesday to see the latest challenge, and my resulting layout. ???????????????????????????????