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If any of you out there have cats, I am guessing you may know that quirk they seem to have of needing to curl up in bags and boxes. Our first cat that my husband and I adopted, Ernie, was a massive plastic bag adorer. Sadly he is no longer with us, and we only had him for a few years, but I have many photos. With scrapbooking, it is just wonderful capturing memories, telling stories, and reminiscing. Even when it’s hard (yes, I still tear up when thinking of Ernie, and doing layouts makes me happy & sad at the same time), at the end when you have created a page, you know you have made something to be treasured and appreciated. 


I am slowly bringing myself to make layouts with Ernie’s photos, and when I came across one with him sound asleep in a bag, with what looks like a grin on his face, it also brought a grin to my face! I had to get this moment scrapped! I had brought the Glitz Design – Carpe Diem Collection and hadn’t made a dent in it, so though I would use it for this layout, with a scheme of blue, yellow & gold. I also dipped in to my Fancy Pants – Be Loved Collection Ephemera Pack. 


 He just looks so content in this photo, and so my title is an extension of this. If we left a bag on the floor, you can be sure it was soon occupied with a ginger cat, and he would sleep there for hours on end! He also had an extremely loud purr, which was in full force whenever a bag was his sleeping spot. I had some light yellow thickers which were just slightly too pale, so I darkened them up with a Stampin’ Up! marker to stand out more. 


 I do find it therapeutic to remember Ernie by highlighting my favourite photos and memories in my scrapbook. Do you have photos of people or pets that are no longer with us? Do you create layouts and how do you find the process of scrapbooking when a lot of emotions may be involved? 

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